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Public Speaking

Karate Life Skills

Blending Therapy and Karate for Children - Grades K-12

Karate has been shown to help children with their self-confidence and emotions.

Children respond to this approach because it feels empowering to them. They being to think...

"Warriors feel less scared when they..."

"Warriors make friends when they..."

"Warriors control their anger when they..."

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The Philosphy

The Warrior's Way, Bushido, is about living with courage and compassion. It's about having a healthy life in mind and body.

Karate Life Skills takes a therapeutic approach and brings it to a dynamic experience for your child. 

Children love karate life skills because they experience the joy of learning karate while other aspects of their life are also improving. They don't just talk about self-improvement, they live it and experience it.

The Program

Groups max out at 8 members and are all led by Paul. In addition to the karate classes, every student, along with their parent(s), meet 1:1 with Paul at his office in Winnetka to get to know each other and the goals of the child.

The emphasis is on improving your child's life much more than learning how to kick and punch.

This program helps children with:

  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • ASD
  • LD
  • Anxiety
  • Low-Frustration Tolerance
  • Depression
  • Self-Confidence
  • Social Skills
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Paul Sweetow, LCSW

A dedicated psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience. Paul uses cognitive/behavioral therapy, positive psychology (happiness theory) to help individuals not only overcome emotional challenges but to make forward progress in life.

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