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Public Speaking
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Paul Sweetow, LCSW

Paul Sweetow has spent his life in the helping profession as a psychotherapist and karate teacher. He received his masters degree in social work from The University of Chicago. Paul is a competitive karate player winning seven consecutive national titles and one world championship.

Paul is the author of ten books: Student Life Skills, The Socratic Parent, The Heroic Adventures of Miles and Maria Books 1-8.  

Paul provides psychotherapy for all ages using cognitive/behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and blends in the warrior mindset. He consults with schools using his Student Life Skills programs and is a popular public speaker. In addition, Paul often works with athletes towards peak performance in their sport.

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Paul is a licensed psychotherapist with more than thirty years of experience. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Illinois at Champaign and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago.  Before opening his private practice in 1993, Paul served on staff at Lutheran General Hospital and the Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, both in the Chicago area. Paul specializes in cognitive therapy with a strong emphasis on change through positive thinking. He works with people of all ages, from children to adults.

Paul was fortunate to have many great teachers and Albert Ellis, the founder of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, was a great influence on his career and skill set.

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Karate Life Skills

Paul offers a blend of psychotherapy and karate.  A unique program that he developed after years of study in both fields. He is believed to be the first clinician in the country to offer this blend.  

Paul started teaching karate when he was in high school and noticed that his youth students showed emotional improvements.  After undergraduate studies he moved to Okinawa, Japan for an intensive one-year of karate training.

As a clinician, Paul noticed that many children don’t connect with traditional psychotherapy or commercial karate schools.  At his dojo, those children have found a place where their lives improve as they embrace a healthy warrior mindset filled with courage, honor and compassion.

This program is for children with:  ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Anger, Social Skills, Sadness, and Learning Challenges.
Children with oppositional or explosive disorders are taught in private 1:1 sessions.
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Paul's Athletic/Competition Information 

Karate Competition Results:

2013, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18  AAU National Championship – Gold

2014 WKC World Championships, Munich, Germany – Gold

2014 Hayashi Ha Shito Ryu World Cup Budapest, Hungary – Bronze

2015 Ozawa Cup, Las Vegas – Gold

2015 WUKF World Championships. Koper, Slovenia – Silver

2017 WUKF World Championships. Ireland – Bronze

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Warrior Peak Performance

Paul uses the Warrior Mindset and Peak Performance Coaching (aka Sports Psychology) to offer athlete's that ability to get to the next level.

He's a competitive athlete himself in karate and has won world and national titles.

Paul has studied from the very best in his fields.  Dan Gould, Ph.D. was his first instructor in Sports Psychology at the University of Illinois at Champaign.  He has studied and practiced Bushido (aka The Way of the Warrior) all over the world for 40 years.

Blending these two fields of study, athletes learn to apply warrior wisdom with performance science to achieve better execution.



My Books

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Student Life Skills

Ready-to-Use Two-Minute Lessons to Help Children Reduce Worry and Anger and Develop Life Skills to Increase Happiness and Health.

  • Each life skill lesson take just minutes to learn - the book is filled with over 60 lessons.
  • Pick one lesson at a time - you don't need to read the entire book at once 
  • Full Color Pages - Children Love the Illustrations
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The Socratic Parent

How to Navigate Raising Your Child by Asking the Right Questions. Are you tired of demanding your child to comply with your directions? Even the best advice from you can often be ignored by your child.

  • Build Your Child's Motivation 
  • Less Fighting
  • Your Child Takes Ownership
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The Heroic Adventures of 
Miles and Maria

In this beautiful illustrated children's book, Miles and Maria learn the feeling "upset" can describe different emotions. Children love to learn about life and emotions in a story form, and Miles and Maria are lovable characters that your child is sure to love!

  • Anger
  • Anxiety or Fear
  • Sadness
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A Parents and Teachers guide for children to be happier, resilient, and succeed in school.

More than 60 Ready-to-Use Two-Minute Lessons to Help Children Reduce Worry and Anger and Develop Life Skills to Increase Happiness and Health.

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